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Avoid unnecessary stress – get help advice at the right stage.

Perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new business. Or maybe all the foundations are in place and you’re ready to press ‘go’. Either way, this is the right time to talk to us at DBL Enterprise. We offer a number of support services to new businesses so that you can start out with confidence. Our services include:

  • Start-up advice, business planning and cashflow forecasting to help get the finances in check before you start.
  • Assistance in choosing and setting up the right accounts package for your business so that you get things right from the outset.
  • Starting, creating, building and hosting a website which will help promote your business.
  • Writing good creative SEO content to help make sure your website works for you and not the other way around.
  • Introducing you to reliable quality providers such as bankers, accountants, book-keepers and solicitors.

Start-up Advice

Before you hit that go button, there are a number of things you should be sure of. A number of questions you should have asked yourself and be sure that you know the right answers. But, of course, the set of questions is different for every new startup. That’s why we offer our free consultation to help identify the questions you need to ask and help make sure you know the correct answers.

Keeping Your Books

When starting a new business you will need to register for tax and possibly for VAT also. It’s essential to keep comprehensive and accurate records of all financial transactions for the business. This is not just for legal compliance reasons, but also to ensure you’re tracking your progress and heading towards profitability. Failing here is one of the most common mistakes that small businesses make and it is a recipe for business demise.

We can help explain the many accounting options open to you. Maybe you’re willing and capable of running your own books. Or maybe you want to spend your time growing your business and providing the service/products that your customers require. Either way, we can help you identify the right accounting package for your needs. Having done so, we help set up the accounting structure and identify a cost effective resource for managing your accounts.

Your New Business Website

Today, a website is a pre-requisite for any business and there are hundreds of options for how and what to build. Some are very low cost but that low cost comes at the expense of your significant effort. Others will cost a fortune and do absolutely nothing to benefit your business.

We can help guide you through the minefield you’re about to enter and make sure that you don’t get unpleasant surprises. To start with, we’ll think about the nature of your business and explore all the ways a website can help you to run and grow your business. This will lead us into a number of platform options. We can identify the right background functionality to make sure your website is effective. Finally, we’ll consider the look and feel that’s right for your business and make sure you end up with everything you need.

Once we have the foundations in place, we start work on the really tricky bit: making the website work for you rather than you working for your website. To do this we apply SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This helps to ensure that your potential customers can find your website among the billions of websites out there. We can also help with affiliate marketing and email campaigns. If your business requires an online shop, we can also help to set that up and manage the order processing if needed.

Keeping it Current

If you lose interest in your website, the search engines and all those prospective customers will lose interest too. For the website to work well, it must remain current. Keeping content updated and adding new content is the way to retain both your interest and that of the search engines. We can assist by writing content for you or providing a platform for you to easily add content yourself; or maybe a combination of both.

And Finally…

So whatever business it is that you’re about to start, I’m sure we have something to offer that will help with your success. If you want to find out more about our services, please fill in our simple contact form and we’ll get in touch.

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